Transforming The UK's Largest Comedy Network Into A Live Sports Destination


Since 2007 UKTV's largest chanel DAVE has been known as "the home of witty banter". However, we recognised they reached a large proportion of the UK audience and were known for introducing older comedy shows to a younger generation. We approached UKTV with the idea of creating a free live sports network offering, introducing their viewers to niche sports through sport programming and appointment to viewing sporting events.  We offered them David Haye's comeback fight as the moment to launch the live sports network.  


3.2 million people tuned into watch David Haye's comeback fight and the premier of Dave's new sports network, winning the slot against Channel 4 with a 17% audience share on a Saturday night and beating Dave’s audience record by 632%+. David Haye's comeback fight on Dave still holds the record for both the networks and David Haye’s largest audience.