Transforming the Premium Travel & Experience Industry 

We partnered with The founders of Velocity to create Velocity Black, an aspirational brand and indispensable lifestyle platform for the for the digital native, time-poor, affluent consumer of the digital age.

Velocity Black is a brand built on a breakthrough technology: the world’s first conversational mobile commerce engine for the affluent consumer. Velocity Black's unique technology is disrupting several multi-trillion dollar industries at once, by re-imagining and simplifying the member experience for discovering and booking travel, dining, events and experiences. Through human and machine intelligence, it delivers proactive personalized recommendations, automatic payment and fulfilment, in real-time, around the clock. Members can discover, book and pay for a Sushi restaurant in New York, a villa in Bali, a concert in London, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to swim with Blue Whales in Sri Lanka. All at their fingertips. It is the indispensable digital lifestyle companion, powered by human and machine intelligence.

We  engaged with our black book of some of the worlds biggest stars, entertainment moguls and executives, leaders in hospitality, media and finance and creative leaders across film, music and art to endorse the platform within their lucrative networks and to join the community as members, curators and suppliers of access to experiences to allow Velocity Black to truly deliver what their community desires and to anticipate what's next.

Since partnering with Velocity to create Velocity Black annualised revenues have increased 24,000%.


Velocity Black

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